About This Campaign

Welcome to the NoMoreRates Campaign.

NoMoreRates means many things..

Abolish rates? – when other funding is found for council costs. No more rates increases? –  no more than the rate of inflation. No increase in council borrowing? – because that is repaid out of rates No more ‘gold-plated’ spending? – because we can’t afford it.

NoMoreRates means we have to find alternatives to rates:

Local Income Tax?
Local Sales Tax?
More User Pays?
Visitor Tax?
Payroll Tax?
Road Tolls?
Per Capita Tax?
Fuel Tax?
Activity related profit tax?



TWO Objectives

  • To replace the present system of council rates with a new, fairer system, which reflects both services provided and the ‘ability to pay’ of various sectors in the community.
  • To develop a system of restraining council expenditure to levels which the community approves of, and which the community believes it can afford.

David Thornton

Founder/organiser of NoMoreRates  is a
former North Shore City councillor, 
Community Board member, and former
member of the Auckland Regional Land
Transport Committee. David is a
frequent commentator on local
government affairs in both the
print and electronic media.